Applying to College or University?  Work Experience = POINTS

Value for money?  You cannot put a price on a work experience reference from an employer  – so Yes it certainly is Value for money!

When candidates are applying to college and/or university they will be asked for evidence of their work experience within that occupational/area of learning sector. Work experience is the best form of evidence as all our employers, across Lancashire or beyond, will provide you with a formal reference which you can copy and supply with all applications.

Applications are usually considered on a ‘points’ system and work experience, as part of any applications, is one of the highest points ratings alongside your qualifications.

Benefits of EBP (NW) Ltd’s work experience placements are:

  • Demonstrate your current skills in the workplace
  • Learn new skills through new tasks
  • Understand the qualifications required to work in different job sectors
  • Deal with real life situations
  • Understand what skills employers are looking
  • Enhance your CV
  • Get that reference outlining all of the above and more to get the points you need for your application

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