Is your E-safety and Cyber Bullying delivery in school effective?

How informed are your pupils?  Do they know what to do if they or someone they know are a victim of cyberbullying?

Technology is developing all the time, pupils are using a range of  information and communications technology, particularly mobile phones and the internet.   Although this is great and the internet can be fun it does have its dangers which they and their families need to be aware of.

The misuse of digital technologies or communications to bully a person or a group is unacceptable.  Schools have a duty to educate and put steps in place to support their pupils who may be victims of cyber bullying.  Do your pupils know how to use technology safely including the anti-cyberbullying code?

Through EBP (NW) Ltd’s engaging activities and events we are able to offer current information, update pupil’s awareness, and give them practical advice to be more aware and to help them to stay safe when online.

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