Employers from across Lancashire are already working in partnership with their local schools – how does this work?

EBP (NW) Ltd co-ordinates and delivers stimulating, interactive and entertaining work related events designed to increase student’s awareness of the range of jobs within various employment sectors.  This is achieved through hands on practical experience and interaction with employers, which will help students develop the skills and experience necessary to build a career.

These events will include a number of workshops that will enhance and enrich any curriculum area introducing students to job roles from a variety of industries.  Employer representatives will deliver interesting and creative activities related to their work; ensuring your students gain real-life, hands on experiences of their role, different roles within their organisation and information about the practical skills they need to succeed in the world of work.

EBP (NW) Ltd can deliver a range of activities and events such as:

Employers in the Classroom – Lancashire employers provide guest speakers or Employer Champions to underpin and enhance existing activities organised by school

Careers at Work Day  – This is aimed at raising aspirations and learning about a range of careers.  Every child has potential and our range of interactive activities are geared to ‘spark an interest’. EBP (NW) Ltd offers the opportunity for children to engage and learn from adults (employers) from outside their normal environment, open their eyes to the exciting world of work and to value learning.

Learning through Job Roles – Activities based on role models from a range of our Lancashire employers, case studies and employer based workshops

All EBP (NW) Ltd’s services are bespoke and tailored to meet your requirements to discuss more contact us at enquiries@ebpnw.co.uk or chat to our team on 01254 433390