Employer Led Events and Workshops

Are you looking for alternative ways of delivering CEIAG, Enterprise, etc?

EBP (NW) Ltd brings local Lancashire employers into the classroom to underpin a variety of learning incentives and programmes, for example mentoring, vocational studies or careers.

If your students need support in understanding which career path they would like to take, or are still keeping their options open.  Attending an employer-led workshop will give them the opportunity to develop important skills, equip them with that essential ‘know-how’ knowledge required to thrive in the working world, and to enhance their confidence to apply for the job, apprenticeship or further education.

It is essential that students know what skills employers are looking for, we hear all too often about the skills gaps in the news/from the media.  Lancashire’s employers are keen to invest in the workforce of tomorrow.

EBP (NW) Ltd’s workshops will help to better prepare for life outside of the student community; giving your students a better insight into how the world of work operates.

Lancashire students and teachers are able to:

  • Students progression from Year 11 is better supported
  • Allow students to make more informed career choices
  • Support your student’s aspirations
  • Attend and take part in activities and workshops
  • Engage with a volunteer mentor
  • Discuss ‘real life’ work scenarios
  • Understand how business and education can work better together
  • Larger Events give you/students access to a number of employers

See what our employers say about us https://www.ebpnw.co.uk/employer-testimonials/

For more information contact us now – email us at enquiries@ebpnw.co.uk  or call the team now on 01254 433390