Enrichment opportunities to support job and university applications

Knowledge is power and so is work experience!!

When candidates are applying to College and/or University they will be asked for experience within that occupational/area of learning sector.

Work experience is the best form of evidence, EBP (NW) Ltd’s employers provide you with a formal reference which you can copy and supply with all applications.

Applications for College or University are usually considered on a ‘points’ system and work experience as part of any application is one of the highest points ratings alongside your qualifications.

EBP (NW) Ltd tailor your work experience placement to match your needs taking into account your current studies, commitments and career aspirations.

See what EBP (NW) Ltd’s students and schools say about us:  https://www.ebpnw.co.uk/student-testimonials/ and https://www.ebpnw.co.uk/schools-colleges-testimonials/

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