Excellent Ofsted Evidence – Lancashire Schools

EBP (NW) Ltd provides data, case studies, reports, testimonials and evaluations to support Ofsted inspections for all our schools across Lancashire.

This includes evidence to support levels of attainment and participation rates; helping to bring the curriculum to life through showing how subjects are applied and valued in the workplace; enhancing the learning experiences and opportunities you provide for students, and making links between your school and employers.

All EBP (NW) Ltd’s policies, procedures and information (including health & safety) are available for audit at any time and we will support you with any information you require leading up to or during your Ofsted inspection.

A member of EBP (NW) Ltd’s Senior Leadership team is usually interviewed to support school and further enhance the partnership links of the school.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the above or any other opportunities – email enquiries@ebpnw.co.uk or call us on 01254 433390